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Chapter One: Part One: Her namelessness

A young minish girl stood in the hallway of a glorious Minish castle. To the left of her was a massive cherry wood door behind which she could hear the bickering voice of the minish elders. To the left of her was a seemingly never ending hallway. In front of her was painting. It was a portrait of a minish king with bright red eyes and sharp fangs that were framed in a smirk. The girl bowed her head and prayed.

"Oh father, Samson, great king if the minish people, please give me the strength to get through this meeting." She clasped her brown hands together and looked up at the image. Seeing her father gave her strength and courage. So, with a renewed resolve the young queen made her way towards the door where all the voices came from. It was then she pulled out a green piece of thread.

"Would you… grant me you courage?" She clutched it close.

She took one last deep breathe before opening the door and entering.

The elder's room was large and round sort of like a theater. But the only thing entertaining that happened in here is old men getting into fist fights and it's not as cool as it sounds.

When the queen entered the room everyone stopped their petty arguments and turned their attention to the young lady. Everyone bowed as she passed the rows and rows of minish elders. She made it to the very front of the room and sat on the bench as if she was a judge. When she was little girl she did use to have mock trails in this room when no one was around, it even came with a gavel.

"I now call this meeting to order!" she said as banged the gavel. "Is everyone here?"

"Yes, your highness." the whole room replied in unison. It was going so good at first. Now came the tricky part.
The young queen took a deep breath.

"Now, does anyone have any issues they'd like to call to my attention?" The room burst into a roar of voices. There were so many complaints coming from so many different people at one time.

"Quiet! Quiet! One at a time!" the queen yelled as she banged the gavel.  The room became silent again.  The queen looked around at the faces of the elders. Even though they were of esteemed age they acted like children.

"Okay raise your hands and I will pick one of you to talk. Now, you in the back wearing green." the queen said pointing.

The elder stood up. His face was only a little winkled and held a cane to keep himself steady. His milky brown eyes focused on the queen. He bowed.

"Your highness, I ask for your help in these trying times. Those shadow beast seem to have poisoned the ground where we grow our crops. No food will grow on that land now. We can only grow enough food for our village and we can't  make any money!"

"Money!?" said another minish elder. He stood up in outrage.

"How dare you complain about something so petty as money? Your highness, us mountain dwelling minish can not get to the mines! We need that metal to make  weapons and shelter!"

"How dare you speak of your metal! In our village there is not enough clean water!" Yelled out another minish elder. Soon the whole room was in a fluster.

"Order! Order!" Cried the young queen. She banged her gavel as hard as she could. All of the elders continued to argue.

"I am your queen! I demand you listen to me!" she yelled with anger. They kept going like she wasn't even there. She felt upset and disrespected. The young queen stormed out of the counsel room in a rage leaving the elders to bicker among themselves.

"HYYYYYAAA!" the queen screamed as she flew through the air with her blade in hand. She brought her sword down on her practice dummies head.  It shook with power of her attack.   She steadied her hand and prepared for another attack.

The queen always retreated to the castle's court yards and gardens whenever she was upset. Most of the castle itself was built around the court yard. You had to travel through the court yard more the once if you wanted to get anywhere in the minish castle. Stone steps we carved into hills and paved stone bricks sprawled out in every direction. Green grass perfectly manicured filled in the spaces in between paths and made way for large wild rose bushes. Large marble columns held up the surrounding buildings that made up the castle. Massive glass windows reveled the lavish interior of the palace in brief glimpses of rich purple walls and deep red thickly woven rugs. A lake was in the distance shimmering in the sunlight. Across its shores you could hear the neighing and stomping of unsettled minish horses.

"This time, I'll take off its head!"  She got a running start and began to move her sword forward. Just before she struck a voice broke her concentration.

"So I'm guessing your first counsil did not go as planned?" spoke princess Jean.  She stood at the back of the palace training grounds. The young queen turned around and saw her sister standing behind her.

"Jean…" she said to the dark skinned girl. She had bright red eyes and light brown skin, with long dark flowing hair. She was a spitting image of the young queen who stood before her only with much longer hair.

"I still don't have my pie, Jean." the queen said rather disappointed.   

"I'm sorry, my queen." she said mockingly. " You know there's been so much mess to clean up around my temple I just don't have time to make your highness a pie." Jean bowed.

"I can have you executed you know!" The young queen hissed. "It's not unheard of. Besides I know what you're really doing at that temple. You've been fooling around with your dragon boyfriend."

Jean flinched a little at her words. Her father never really approved of her dating dragons, let alone the king of dragons.

"So, what I have a love life? It keeps me busy and sane. Maybe you should get one." Jean suggested. "What was the name of that human you were fooling around with? The hero chosen by the gods?"

"I was not fooling around with any human!" The queen screamed furiously.

"His name is on the edge of my lips. If, only I could remember." Jean said teasing "It was all over your diary."

"Y-you read my diary!?" the queen stammered.

"It's funny. You wrote about getting a lock for your diary. Yet you didn't."

"I've been busy! I didn't have time to get a lock.  Besides what were you doing reading it anyways!?"

"There's not much else to do in your room. I got bored. Now what was his name? Oh it's on the tip of my tongue ."

"Keep talking and I'll rip out your tongue!"  the queen screeched.

"Oh! I've got it! His name was Luke, right." Jean said sure of herself.

"No. It was Link and you are so going into the dungeons." the queen said through gritted teeth.

"You used to make that threat all the time when we were kids. It had no merit then and it has no merit now.  So, are you going to see him again?"

"That's really none of your business now is it?" the queen said with her nose in the air.

"Too chicken?"

"Shut up! I am not chicken! I am the brave hearted minish queen! There's nothing I fear!" she said puffing out her chest.

"By the gods, look at the size of that spider! It's blocking the very sun!" Jean screamed in alarm. She pointed behind her sister.

"Where!?" screeched the queen in fear. Her face turned pale and her knees shook with fright. When she looked to where Jean was pointing she saw nothing but clouds and blue skies.  She turned back to Jean who was bent over in laughter.

"My mistake, your highness. My eyes must've played a trick on me." Jean said shrugging.

"Oh, you idiot! I'll show you what happens you play a trick on me!" She lunged at her sister with a growl but Jean quickly moved out of the causing her sister to fall to the ground with a puff of dust.

"You never were the fastest sibling." Jean said with a chuckle.

"I am fast enough to catch you." she said with a rumble. The queen sprung to her feet and started charging towards Jean but Jean just ran from her.

"Get back here and take your beating like a woman!"

"You have to catch me first." Jean snickered.
Surprise! I bet you didn't see this coming!? Haha! I didn't even tell you did I? I never tell about anything I am working on really. So re writing this story yeah! I've been working on this since last August when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. So yep. More to come soon!

MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Nice, did you write more chapters? ^^
slikster46 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
They are on the way! There is an older (not as good version) Of this story in my gallery but this the revamped version.
MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Ok! ^^
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