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So manny thing in my favs... nine times out of ten they're going to be Michael Jackson related the other couple of times it's Legend of Zelda, homestuck, Doctor Who, etc. ect.

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The Everlasting Rose of Aperture Labs prt 2 :iconslikster46:slikster46 4 2
Mature content
The Everlasting Rose of Aperture Labs prt 1 :iconslikster46:slikster46 4 3
The Moron's Lament
Have you ever seen those celebrity couples? You know the ones where both people involved are really famous but you would have never in a million years put them together. Sure they do look great together and they seem to have some sort of weird chemistry but in the back of your mind you are just praying "God, please don't let them have kids together." Well then you've seen some form of my parents.  Father was a Member of Parliament and mother was a French model fresh from Paris. Proud and vain I don't know how they found each other. Probably at one of those really high society parties if I had to guess though. They didn't really love each other though. Not like how normal people would define love anyway. Their marriage was more of a business venture a merger of two powerful and rich famous people. It's one thing to do that to yourself but it takes a special kind of apathy to bring children into such lie. Lucky for me my parents had that apathy.
It is tradition, a tradition that ste
:iconslikster46:slikster46 10 5
The Rebirth of Aperture Radio part 3
Sleep mode was much different from normal human sleep It was like blacking out completely. There was no gently drifting off involved. It was just blackness and then the process would start. It most of the time consisted of an 8 bit video game cores could play in her head while the rest of their body filed away data ran simple calculations and recharged for a period of time. Cores were actually still lucid during sleep mode. They could answer and respond to questions and preform simple tasks.
Socee's sleep mode however had been compromised. images and memories would come flooding in her head. Kind of like dreaming only much more chaotic. It was like a nightmare or memories and events but not so much scary just panicked. Moving and whirling images sounds of voices she hadn't heard in ages all exploding in the darkness and churning around her senses.
There was a time when her sleep mode was much more peaceful. Now it was a terrible mess and Socee came out of it feeling more exhausted. She
:iconslikster46:slikster46 3 0
The Rebirth of Aperture Radio part 2
"Welcome to the glorious rebirth of Aperture radio!"
Socee continued walking further away from the lair as she broadcasted. She had a wide grin across her face as she continued talking.
"No doubt my number of listeners has decreased dramatically but I'm sure there are many of you who are hearing me for the first time. So allow me to explain what exactly this is. See back when humans worked here the place was a very stifled office. Nearly everyone who worked here was on some kind of antidepressant. It was really sad. So the brilliant HR team decided to start a little radio station to lift the spirits a bit. But it was always piping the dullest music through this place so it only added to the problem. That is until I took over and flipped this whole thing on its ear by bringing the liveliest music to your ears! I also had a sidekick. But she's not important anymore. So now I'm back to reinvigorate you dull creatures. But I'm sure you're wondering 'Who is that very beautiful sounding ange
:iconslikster46:slikster46 4 0
The Rebirth of Aperture Radio part 1
"Ooooh! This one! This is the one!" Socee nodded with a huge grin on her face. She was holding a large plastic black disk with a little circular label in the center. Her grin then faded just as quickly as it appeared.
"No not this one. What was I even thinking?" She discarded it into a pile of other large black plastic circles. Chell had been watching Socee do this for quite some time now. It was a strange cycle of joy and disappointment that repeated itself over and over with each new black disk. Socee was so disenchanted with her own progress that she didn't even bother to put them back in their little files or "lapels" as she called them. Chell was taking her time looking through the discarded lapels and putting the black disks back in their appropriate casing when Socee was busy looking through more of them to throw away.
Chell liked looking at the lapels. Many of them had very impressive artwork on them. Or more often they had a picture of the artist who was on the record. Their g
:iconslikster46:slikster46 7 0
Positive Re enforcement part 2
"What's with that stupid look on your face doll? You're acting like you don't know me." The android chuckled. Chell didn't know how to respond. If she claimed "Yes" there'd be no end to the amount off lies she'd have to keep up with. But she answered "No" the robot might go off into another attack. The grin started to fade from the android's mouth.
"You don't remember do you?"  the words came out slow as the revelation hit her in waves.
"I- um…" Chell started trying to think of something.
"You don't have to lie to me intern." She released her. "I could see it in your expression. You have no idea who I am. To be expected I suppose. If Aperture found some ungodly way to keep you alive and young this long it most likely of had some type of effect on your brain no doubt." she sighed and walked back over to the strange table and hoisted herself up on top of it again.
"Well that's months of female bonding completely out the window. Even if you don't remember me, and trust me y
:iconslikster46:slikster46 5 6
Positive Re enforcement
Deep within the depths of Apertures main laboratory in a room plastered with strange large tiles, where the walls curved and shaped a dome, a vast mess of matted and tangled wires hung from the center of the room. The wires lead into the back of very large chassis. And the chassis hocked into the back of an even larger android. The android hadn't always been this huge. The change had only come a few weeks ago. When with help of a very capable human, he became the new manger of Aperture laboratories. Unfortunately that turned out to be a little more life changing than he thought. Not only with the very dramatic size change, but he began to get urges. Urges to test. And even though he'd agreed to free the very helpful human girl, he needed someone to test now, not to mention he didn't want to stay here all by his lonesome for the rest of eternity and she had already proven herself to be pretty wonderful company. So he went back on his promise and kept her there.
Wheatley watched intently
:iconslikster46:slikster46 13 2
The new Guardian of the Forest part 3
Ted and the Once-ler left the lerkim in search of the lorax. They walked all over the recovering  valley calling out for the mustache. They looked in every nook and crany. No stone was left unturned. But it seemed like the Lorax had disappeared.
"I can't find him any where." Ted reported back to the Once-ler.
"This is too strange. In all the time that I've known him I've never been able to avoid the lorax. But now I can't find hide or hair of him…" The Once-ler pondered
"Maybe we're just not yelling loud enough?" Ted offered.
"Ted not all problems can be fixed by yell-"
"HEY LORAX COME OUT! THE ONCE-LER WANTS TO TALK TO YOU! IT'S IMPORTANT!" Ted screamed at the top of his lungs.
"Ted, that did nothing but make me deaf in one ear." The Once-ler said holding his ear.
"Hey!" They finally heard the lorax reply. Ted smirked in the Once-ler's direction.
"Shut it." He growled.
"I didn't say a word man." Ted replied with the smirk still plastered on his face.
"I'm over here!" he
:iconslikster46:slikster46 3 2
Darkest Before Dawn
     Once upon a time in a world of magic there was powerful sorcerer who was very skilled in the way of magic. He was a very kind young wizard with pure heart and the best of intentions. He'd gladly make you a spell or potion and even sing you a song and bake you a cake at the same time. When he wasn't tending to needy souls he worked on coming up with new, better and more efficient spells, that could get more things done He lived in an enchanted forest  in crocked looking stone tower that was welcomed rest stop for many travelers and a beacon of hope for all who got lost in the mystical woods. If you truly had no idea where you were going all you had to do was follow the sound of the young sorcerer's voice as he sung one of his lovely little tunes. The sorcerer would help any traveler with a spell that would lead them to their destination. All was peaceful and well.
     But one day something in the sorcerer changed and all
:iconslikster46:slikster46 1 0
A little optimism never hurt
Through out and forever
In this eternal strife
Terrible things will happen to you
Thing that are just plain bad
But if you only ever think about
The sad things in your life
Your life will only ever be sad
:iconslikster46:slikster46 1 0
When I'm not a complete derp by slikster46 When I'm not a complete derp :iconslikster46:slikster46 0 0
Power tastes like cherry soda
"So this is what power feels like?" Wheatley said as he moved the lift with Chell on board. Chell looked on as the happy android spun around in his new body surprising light on his feet dispite his giagantic size. Since replacing the tyrant GLaDOS with Wheatley the shaggy blonde human like robot had undergone a major change. His body had grown gigantic as if to fit the scale of the supremacy he now wielded.
"Wow, this is brilliant. I'm massive!" He said with a chuckle. He looked himself over again and again. Chell smirked at the giant android. It was nice to be friends with a robot who didn't want to kill you or make you run through horrible tests for cake, or called you fat. Wheatley seemed to be a very good natured android though he seemed a bit off. He rambled on and on at any subject brought up and tended to be a bit of coward, not to mention he wasn't as smart as the other android cores she'd met but it seemed he always tried his best with any challenges that GLaDOS threw at them.
:iconslikster46:slikster46 26 13
The new Guardian of the forest prt 2
"Hey Once-ler!" Ted called the next morning. He was excited. Today was the day the Once-ler was to meet Audrey and he was finally supposed to come with Ted into town. It had taken a good bit of conversing on Ted's part to finally get The Once-ler out of the outskirts of town.
"Come on Once-ler you got get up if you want to get to town before the musical number starts. You do not want to drive through that traffic." Still no reply.
"Something is wrong." Ted mumbled to himself. Ted made his way  to the door of the lerkim and rushed in.
"Hello! Once-ler, are you okay?" Ted  shouted to the Once-ler.
"NO YELLING MY HOUSE!"  Once-ler roared from upstairs.
" Never mind. He's alright." Ted smirked but he noticed something a little strange.
Once-ler began to lift himself up from his bed. For some reason his sleep didn't feel all that restfull.
"That kid is going to be the death of me." He growled as got up.
"Hey you okay up there man? Your voice sound different." T
:iconslikster46:slikster46 10 4
The new Guardian of the forest prt 1
"Well that's another  successful day of takin' care of the forest." The lorax said as he took a seat next to the Once-ler on the stoop  of the lerkim.
"Yeah, the whole place is coming back nicely. Even the water is starting to run clean again." The Once-ler looked on.
"You know you've gotten very good at watchin over this place." The Lorax smirked.
"With always nagging me about the forest I had better be good at making sure this place is looked after." The Once-ler looked at the setting sun of the day.  The lorax looked at the old Once-ler. Time had taught him so many lessons, most of them painful. But the Once-ler was now very wise and kind and gentle.
"Y'know beanpole, I've been thinkin…" The Lorax started. The Old man turned to the lorax and looked at him.
"I can't be the guardian of the forest forever. It's about time I retired and named my successor. And I was hoping that you'd like to be the new guardian." The Lorax offered.
"Me? The Guardian of
:iconslikster46:slikster46 8 3
Mature content
GA Mission 6 :iconslikster46:slikster46 0 0


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With a stable wifi conection and a bunch of new stories. So let me get back to writing them


but call me slick
United States
:iconucantplz::icontouchthisplz:Well I do Like anime*M.J.* I love video games *M.J.* I'm a writter on DA.*M.J.*I do enjoy homestuck *M.J.* Oh! and I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan *M.J.* *M.J.* *M.J.*
My style of writting you ask? Some humor! It's embeded into stories and sometimes it just randomness! Thanks again :iconkianzephyren: for giving me this hat!

Current Residence: Dallas Texas
Favourite genre of music: I am open to any thing
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MP3 player of choice: creative
Favourite cartoon character: Chowder and Flapjack (don't make me choose)




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